Zeit Bay Field

Zeit Bay field onshore facilities is located about 80 km north of Hurghada City at the Gulf of Suez west coast. Zeit Bay offshore facilities consist of four unmanned well head platforms which are situated in the entrance of the bay which gives the name to the field. Production is evacuated from the platforms to the Ras El Behar peninsular through high pressure or low pressure pipelines. There the offshore production streams are commingled with the production feed from land wells. From here the production flows through pipelines across the bay to the onshore process area.

At the process facilities gas is first stripped off; thereafter oil and gas is separated. The oil is then "dried" and desalted before being pumped to storage tanks for further export via an offshore loading.

In the gas plant the produced gas is commingled with gas contributed by neighboring third party production. LPG is recovered in a compression and liquefaction plant. The majority of non-liquefiable gas is pumping to Egyptian Bahraini Gas Company to extract Propane then returned the gas back to Zeit Bay gas facility for compression and re injected into the reservoir.

EXcess high pressure gas is exported to national grid. The LPG product is sent via 6" pipeline to GUPCO Ras Shukier storage area for distribution.

Third party oil production is also treated in Zeit Bay, stored and exported via the offshore loading facility.

Seawater is pumped to the onshore process area for cooling purposes and to produce freshwater in low-pressure flash distillation plants.

Full accommodation with all required facilities is provided for the field staff.