Ras Budran Field

Ras Budran field onshore facilities are located about 10 km north of Abu Rudeis City at the Gulf of Suez east coast, South Sinai. Offshore facilities in Ras Budran consist of three unmanned well head platforms and one manned production platform. The production streams from the well head platforms are commingled and fed to a single production platform. On the production platform liquid and gas is separated and evacuated to shore in separate pipelines.

Onshore, further separation of liquids, gas and water takes place in the onshore separator, before oil and water is separated in two vessels.The majority of gas is dried, compressed and returned to offshore to be used for gas lift to assist in production operations. Minor quantities are used for fuel gas.

The produced oil is heated before being desalted and dried in two de-salter vessels, The water free ("dry") and salt free oil is sent to storage before being exported via a 12" onshore pipeline (PPC) to storage tanks in Wadi Feran storage tanks for further handling through The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).

Seawater is pumped to the onshore facilities where it is used for cooling, desalination, reverse osmosis treatment for fresh water production, for the fire fighting system and after filtration and treatment for water injection into the reservoir for reservoir pressure maintenance.

All electrical power required onsite is received from the national grid. Two gas turbines are available for power generation but are used as back up.

Third party GUPCO oil production is treated commingle with Ras Budran crude oil, stored, exported via 12" onshore pipeline (PPC). An accommodation area provides all the facilities required for the field staff. Satellite accommodation areas are provided for the contractor staff.