Disouq Field

Disouq Project Development
Since the year 2008 DEA had discovered seven gas fields in Disouq concession located in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate in the Nile Delta. EGAS and DEA agreed on the Development Plan and, in principle, that there will be two development leases within the concession area. They also agreed as shareholders that DEA will complete the devolvement to ensure first gas and hand over the Operation Phase to DISOUCO when the Project is completed. On September 21st 2011, SUCO has received the ministerial decree No. 2420 of 2011 announcing that the Joint Venture Company name for developing the Disouq Concession area at the Nile Delta will be Disouq Petroleum Company "DISOUCO", also appointing the Chairman and members of the Board of Suez Oil Company (SUCO) as Chairman of the Board and members of Board of Disouq Petroleum Company "DISOUCO" (on behalf of Egyptian side) in addition to their normal duties.
Project Activities

1. Permits and Contracts

-Central Treatment Plant: obtained the approval from Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Defense.

-Central Treatment Plant land lease: Contracts with land owners had been concluded for 25 years.


2. CTP & RPF


-Disouco had started production from the 3 wells at NWK field (RPF): NWK 1-1, NWK 1-2 and NWK 1-3 on the 4th of September 2013 with total production 50 MMSCF and 60 BBL condensate and the production had been increased to be 60MMSCF and 70 BBL condensate by putting the 4th well on the production (NWK 1-4) on 12 April 2014.

-On 12 August 2014, the production had been increased to 160 MMSCF and 400 BBL condensate after starting the CTP in Fayrouz village, Riad Town and this is the production from phase A with total no. of 9 producing wells.


-Current Status till end of October 2016:
The total gas production from both plants CTP & RPF are +/- 100 MMSCFD which feeding the country national grid (N.G) and -/+ 450 bbls/day aondensate which transferred to TANTA oil refinery company.


This led to increase SUCO daily oil production equivalent -/+ 40,000 BOPD, our plan to increase the field gas production by tie-in of wells (phase B) which is currently under progress.


3.The Generators


-Due to the delay in the supply of permanent generators for the CTP so 4 temporary generators had been leased till getting the permanent generators and the tender of permanent generators is under technical evaluation.


4.Phase B


-Phase B consists of 9 wells including pipelines to be connected to CTP, the 9 wells are: (SSSE2-1 , SSSE1-1 , SSSE1-2 , SSSE2-2 , SSSE2-3 , DSQ1-2 , DSQ1-3 , DSQ1-5 , SSSE6-1 ) including 6" line (In field pipeline) and 12" trunk line. The total progress of the project is 26%.


5.Phase C


-All construction activities have been done and the four wells were connected to CTP as per following dates: SSSE 3-1 on 8th Jul. 2015. NSG 4-1 on 30th Aug. 2015. NSG 2-3 on 21st Sep. 2015. NSG 2-1on 17th Dec. 2015.