About Us

Suez Oil Company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of crude oil production, petroleum condensates and LPG and one of the economic pioneers in Egypt and a role model in cooperation and investment.

SUCO was established in August 1979 after discovering Ras Budran field at the eastern concession area in Suez Gulf at South Sinai Governorate.

DISOUCO was established in September 2011 after discovering the natural gas at Disouq concession area in Kafr El Sheikh, and the early production was in September 2013 from North West Khlala by using the rental facilities as an actual production start. Then achievements were continued by establishing the Central Treatment Plant and starting production in August 2014 and the plan will be continued to tie in the drilling wells with the treatment facilities in addition to drilling additional development wells to increase the production rates.

Suez Oil Company works as an operating Company implements all the explorations, development and production works for the shareholders.